Thursday, January 20, 2011

Konami's Ideal Banned List

Konami and players like me have very different opinions of what Yugioh should be. Our two primary differences is that Konami cares about selling products, and Konami wants to create chaotic and explosive formats to keep the game interesting. For example, Konami did not restrict or ban any Lightsworn cards until Charge of the Light Brigade had been sold in the OCG. Konami was very aware of how CotLB made Lightsworn tier 1, and knew that after months of waiting, OCG players were anxious to play Lightsworn like the TCG had. That anxiety turned into buying product, from which Konami profitted. TCG players suffered under the Lightsworn format, until Konami made every dollar they wanted.

Konami also has a misconception about Yugioh - Yugioh does not need OTKs to make it an exciting game. 10-15 turn games aren't always more "exciting", but are more adrenaline packed. Players create mind games and put pressure on themselves, and triumphing through all the psychological stress is what makes Yugioh so fun. Prolonging that stress increases the enjoyment of the game. However, Konami seems to prefer the solitaire approach, where players essentially show each other their hands and see who drew better, i.e. the Dark Strike Format in 2009.

So with this in mind, we look at March 2010. Konami's #1 priority is to sell Six Samurai to the TCG. The hype around Samurai is warranted, because the deck is flat out amazing. Gateway of the Six is without a doubt what makes Samurai work more so than any other card, and losing it would greatly cripple Six Samurai down to a tier 1.5 deck. Konami can't sell people a tier 1.5 deck - they want to sell the best. However, Konami must be careful and not piss off their OCG base, because let's be honest - Konami could give a fuck about offending the TCG. When the OCG is angry, Konami listens. As a result, Gateway will be put to 2. Still very playable, but a shade less consistent than before. TCG players will still want to play Samurai and OCG players will be grateful Konami atleast did "something". 

I do believe that Konami will ban Cold Wave, because Cold Wave does not promote any current product. They are aware of the strong player base that hates Cold Wave, and will listen and act accordingly. I will reiterate though - Konami will only ban Cold Wave because it is convenient for them. 

I do not believe Konami will ban Monster Reborn, because Reborn is an iconic card of the game. For years Yugi has been Reborning Dark Magician, and like wise, little kids love bringing back their best monster for free. 

Konami will put Royal Tribute to 1, because they stumbled upon a discovery - players love Gravekeeper. I expect within the next year more Gravekeeper support, and flat out banning Royal Tribute would discourage a lot of players from playing the archetype and buying more product. However, Konami also doesn't want games to be borderline FTK, which Royal Tribute often does. Leaving it at 1 will still allow that wacky luck factor that Konami is notorious for.

Konami will not restrict Solemn Warning. It will be reprinted within the next year in the TCG, and players will buy that product, because they will reason that they just saved $30+ by buying the reprint as opposed to buying DREV or trading. Solemn Warning being left at 3 has nothing to do with the card's effects itself. It is a rightfully hyped up card that one day will fill Konami's wallet again.

Pot of Duality has the same fate of Warning. However, Duality also has no business being put to 1, because it was nerfed so hard (only use 1 per turn, and no special summoning). So if you are praying for Duality to 1 or 2, go cry in a corner lol.

I am 100% sure that Konami will put Book of Moon to 2, because Book is the most reliable answer to preventing synchro summons. Konami wants little kids to synchro for their Stardusts, but they can't do it when Book is used in 3's in almost every deck. Konami needs to continue selling the synchro mechanic, and so, Book will go to 2.

Konami will not hurt any current tier 1 decks in play - X Sabers, Blackwings, and Plants. They are all pieces of future sets in the TCG and OCG. Each deck also has a solid fan base, which Konami will exploit.

Lastly, there will be a Russian Roulette on the banned list. I expect Tsukuyomi, Time Seal, or Magician of Faith to come off the banned list, although none rightfully should. Every now and then Konami likes testing the water with random ideas, and this banned list I anticipate them to take more risks than usual.

So if I got a dollar every time I said "Konami", I'd have a lot of dollars. I got tired of typing that damn company name out so much. But hopefully you got a deeper understanding of how they do business, and you can prepare for the new format accordingly. Thank you for reading :)


  1. +10 to your post.
    basically, konami loves money and hates TCG format. even if they look at OCG to make the banlist, i think that TCG is better format than OCG, because tcg players'style adapts to what can be called "OCG banlist".

    Monster reborn: YES, KIDS LOVE THAT CARD

    royal tribute: gk wont be afected by the banlist, because gk wont win WC, but tcg tournaments, so i dont think that royal tribute becomes limited or semilimited.

    book of moon: basically IT STOPS KONAMI'S SON FAVOURITE DECK (x sabers as i read in a blog); so it will be semi or limited. even to promote tg hyper librarian decks. when this card come to tcg, heavy sinchro decks will be the main course and Librarian will be sold as much as possible.

    and also say goodbye to e hero card that support hero beatdown. i think this deck can win widely six sams

    greetings from spain

  2. @ shit eater- what are you talking about, tcg format better than ocg? wha-aat?

    there is no "better" because both are entirely similar formats except TCG players have a more aggro playstyle whereas OCG players are more conservative, and build their decks on consistency. you will see xxsaber players there maining 3 faultroll for consistency, although any experienced saber player will tell you 3 clogs way too much, and 2 is enough because 3 is really greedy.

    @ mike bon- hmmm i still have mixed feelings about book though man cos book at 3 is so powerful because there is no heavy storm around and any noob will just set as many as he wants from his hand. i'd think book's effectiveness will slightly hinder with the unbanning of heavy storm.

    your totally right about the ban list. i think thats why i chose tsukuyomi in my list too because konami always does something like that, (like in the 2 years when breaker was unbanned and then banned simultaneously, one format after another. and i believe konami will really choose moon diviner.

    fuck la, if konami puts gateway to 2, there's really no difference man, they still have 1 reinforcement, THREE SMOKE SIGNALS, 3 UPSTART GOBLIN, AND 3 SIX UNITED to thin down the deck...

    also, abt dark dive bomber, im not sure if konami actually knew it would turn out that good, im pretty sure they didnt expect it to be also, because honestly i swear, i didnt even look at that card till bahamut84 posted how ddb can deal up to 8k damage per turn. i believe konami just released it because they wanted to create anime specific theme cards because bommer used it in the 5Ds

  3. Pot of Duality is basically a card that all or no one should have!

    And yes, Konami has been well known for #$%^ing us tcg players up the @$$ for quite a lot of years now!

    Don't even get me started in the differences between ocg and tcg when it comes to the packs(cards becoming from commong/rare to ultra/secret, prices, etc etc.)

    Of course, that doesn't mean OCG players don't suffer!

    They have been suffering from Trishula,Six Samurai,Librarian,etc etc etc. for more time than we will suffer!

  4. well, i have pooped over ocg without sense. and, sincerely, most of tcg meta are ocg decks adapted to our playstyle (except for tcg/ocg exclusive cards deck, such as gk or galis, the star beast ftk)

  5. @ mike, i know there wont be a big difference, thats why its such a messed up situation! lol and they need more foresight for cards like DSF. even alone, without combos, it can still do 4000 damage alone. it could have atleast had a summoning requirement, i.e. machine monsters

    @ MaX, you are overrating Duality. and the amount the TCG and OCG suffer is very similar, one doesnt suffer more than the other.

    @ shit eater, GKs could still be played in OCG, recruiter is not the reason GKs are tier 1